The importance of programmers

This article is written for a better understanding of people about the profession of a programmer, its significance, as well as for the complete elimination of all speculation and stereotypes.

Many people, when they hear the word "programmer", imagine a pimply, very fat, or very thin guy with no personal life. This is absolutely not the case. People of this profession spend a lot of time at the PC, and this is a fact, but this fact does not mean that they do not have a personal life and other hobbies (of course, there are exceptions). Most programmers have the same busy lives as others.

Now I want to talk about the importance of this profession in the age of technology and information. Now it is impossible to imagine life without all sorts of technical means, starting from a coffee maker with a choice of coffee type and amount of sugar, and ending with a smartphone. To fully understand the importance of programmers, just imagine a life without flying into space, laptops, computers, smartphones, banking systems and smart purchases from the comfort of home, as well as many other things that make our lives better. Now it is even difficult to imagine in what areas programmers are not involved. They launch a rocket into space, or some granny decided to run a washing machine to wash her clothes. Perhaps someone will ask the question: "What does all this have to do with it?". The fact is that each device (device) has a chip, and each chip needs a certain algorithm of actions (code), which the programmer prescribes for it.

People of this profession are able to think correctly and constantly learn something new. This is due to the constant improvement of information technology. Every year, the requirements for programmers change, which means that they need to constantly be in the process of learning.

I hope that with this article I at least slightly dispelled the myths about the programmer's profession and gave a little understanding about it.