Working with file sharing sites

The article provides recommendations and describes the nuances of working with file sharing sites. Tips on getting started and choosing priorities are given.

To work, you need: not very extensive knowledge in any field and the desire to earn money. People who have been doing this for years get a few thousand dollars a month. At the same time, they have the same access to information as you!

You need to start small: register on two or three file sharing sites and upload small files. For starters, it can be musical compositions, small collections of photos, simple programs, not necessarily rating ones, or your own articles. You do not need anything complicated and abstruse, you need to start small.

You need to select several sites that allow you to post news, and carefully read the rules for adding various materials. You do not need to immediately chase profit, it will definitely come over time. While you need to get acquainted, understand "what?" and "how?".

To present the news in the best possible way, you need to attach a high-quality photo or screenshot to it. Therefore, I advise you to search on picture photo hosting sites. Remember: your news begins with the image and the name, this is an important parameter.

When uploading files, you need to describe them. Specify: name, year of release, version number (for programs), for which platforms it is suitable, and more, according to the circumstances. It is better to specify more parameters than to skip something. In short, you need to describe the file, what it is, under what conditions it is used, its strengths compared to others, the same. I would advise you not to be lazy and look for some information on the Internet and other available sources. You should put it all briefly, but so that the reader has as few questions as possible. That is, you do not need to attribute anything superfluous, especially some non-existent qualities to the file.

I advise you to first add different types of news and observe for some time: what type of files do you best describe? They will be downloaded most of all. And, in addition, they will leave positive comments.

After that, you can safely work in the direction in which you are most successful.