The Cypherpunks are actively engaged in making the networks safer for privacy. Let us proceed together apace. The Cypherpunk Manifesto

Privacy is an essential element to security of proof of stake blockchains. A public face, a physical address, a list of team members means painting target on your back. If validator privacy is too weak then there is no defesne from powerful adversaries.

Authorites can issue black lists and punish block producers that do not enforce them. Adversaries can enact meatspace attacks on public teams: tap communication channels to reveal delegator identites, steal private keys, extort validator rewards, make denial of service attacks to worsen their standing in the network. Identity is not trustless.

Anonymous validators, as long as anonymity holds, can ignore black lists and are impossible to attack physically. Large part of proof-of-stake voting power has to come from anonymous sources if we want the network to be future proof.

We want Cosmos network to be safe. We are launching an anonymous Cosmos validator open for delegation: hopefully, first of many to come. We take 10% validator fee. We do not collect any information beyond what is recorded in Cosmos Hub blockchain. We do not engage in criminal activity. Our staking address is listed below.